Dogging-in is the act of pushing young poults, and older birds back to the release pen, or an area within the boundaries of the shoot where the birds will be safe.  


While the poults are young, this involves the keeper patrolling round each of the pens to ensure no birds lose their way, and encouraging them to use the pop holes at the side of the pens. Young birds will  quickly lose their way while feeding or searching for cover.


Once a young bird is lost, it will very quickly fall prey to any vermin that may be around. Dogging in regularly from an early age will teach the birds where home is. This learnt, you can push birds from as far as two fields away and they will return to the safety of their pens.

As the birds get older and stronger they will wander further, so this becomes more of a challenge. To what degree will depend on the lay of the land and the type of dogs that are used. for this purpose we have found the GWPs an immense help.