Welcome to our stud dog page!  

This page is dedicated to helping you to find a suitable stud dog for your bitch. As you may be aware, the number of genuine working, fully health tested available stud dogs in this country is greatly lacking. To find a working dog that you can be sure is going to have a positive effect on your breeding program can be a minefield. Not everyone has a breeding program, and the majority of the working fraternity will only breed one maybe two litters. These litters are as important to the working gene pool in this country, as any of the litters produced by a more established kennel. The GWP is a relatively healthy breed and does not suffer from health problems as badly as some of the other working gundog breeds do. That said the breed will not look after itself and we all, as  responsible shooters, falconers and deer stalkers have a duty to keep the GWP healthy! On the content there are governing bodies to oversee all breeding, we do not have that yet in this country. This leaves the breed open to potentially developing all kinds of problems, temperament, health, and working wise. Some of the health problems that are concerning for the breed at the moment are Vwd,Hip Dysplasia, cases of epilepsy and some heart conditions. It is recommended that All GWPs to be bred from should at the least be screened for vWD & Hip dysplasia. For this reason, it is important when thinking of producing a litter to use the best dogs we can for the future welfare of this versatile, healthy breed!


Mustwork Uland 

Colour: Liver and White

vWD: clear by parentage 

Hips: 2/2 = 4

Elbows: 0/0 = 0

Heart test: no issues detected

Owner: L Jones UK 


Email: Via contact uspage


Quid di Costa Rubea  (IMP ITA) 

Standing at stud In UK for limited time 

Colour: Liver and White 

vWD: DNA Clear 17/03/16

Hips: HD Free tested under german system 

Contact: Mandy and Robert Geary UK

Phone:  07854 988 839 

Email:  Germanusgwp@gmail.com

If you are looking for a stud dog please do contact us, or the owners listed above for information on these dogs.