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 We are a shooting orientated family based near Aberystwyth in Wales, where Les is a full time gamekeeper. Having owned and worked gundogs for more than thirty odd years, we looked hard to find a breed that would not only have the stamina to do four to six hours dogging in daily, but would also be able to help Les with vermin control and be a pleasure to work on a shoot day. 

After working different HPR breeds, we have found the German Wirehaired Pointers fit our requirements perfectly.                                                                  


At the start of the season our dogs main work consists of helping us to push the young poults back to their release pens. Later this will increase to dogging in the whole estate and assisting with vermin control, an area where these dogs excel.                                              


                   In the right hands the GWP can be a family dog           


                             as well as being a real asset in the field!